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Steamed to perfection.

Little Dim Sum House is a kid's clothing brand that is inspired by the culture and tradition of dim sum. Little Dim Sum House was born out of a desire to celebrate and educate the rich culture and history of dim sum, a beloved cuisine that has been enjoyed by generations of families and friends across the world. 


Dim sum has a rich history that spans back over 1,000 years. Originating in the teahouses of Southern China, dim sum started as a small snack that accompanied tea drinking. Over time, it evolved into a full-blown meal with a wide variety of dishes, all served in small, bite-sized portions.

Today, dim sum is enjoyed all over the world and has become a beloved part of many cultures. 


For me, dim sum is more than just a meal - it's a cherished family tradition that brings us together and creates lasting memories. I believe that clothing can be a powerful way to express and make a statement about the things that matter to us, and that's why I am dedicated to creating clothing brand that reflects the joy and spirit of dim sum, to enrich and make it fun for the next generation.

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